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1, the bucket belongs to structural parts products, by tooth seat plate, bottom plate, side plate, wall plate, hanging ear plate, backplane, bucket ear plate, bucket ear sleeve, tooth, tooth seat, guard plate or bucket Angle and other parts, so welding is the key production process of the bucket, welding quality directly affects the structural strength and service life of the bucket.

2. The manufacturing process of the bucket includes blanking, turning, milling, drilling, forming, welding, grinding, sandblasting, spraying and other processes. Equipment required for bucket manufacturing: CNC plasma cutting machine, groove milling machine, plate rolling machine, welding positioner, boring machine, etc.

3, the reference standard of bucket production: bucket volume should be large, the volume of the outer surface should be small; Good hardness, wear resistance, toughness, impact resistance to high; Good steel, welding wire and process flow to ensure the high quality of products; The overall design is based on strength; The design of the bucket assembly is based on the degree of steel; The resistance to cut into the operation should be small; The friction area should be small during operation.

4. There will be a hook behind the bucket of the general excavator, and we can hang the rope on the hook when lifting the goods. Many people are used to hanging directly on the bucket teeth, which will be more convenient. In fact, hanging this two places is to be determined according to the actual situation, otherwise there will be security risks.

At present, there are many bucket manufacturers and bucket products on the market, but in terms of quality, the quality of many buckets is uneven, some are of good quality, and some are of poor quality. Therefore, it is recommended that you must pay attention to multiple considerations when you buy, so as to ensure the subsequent use