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excavator earthmoving bucket

For digging in low impact, lower abrasion materials such as dirt, loam, and mixed compositions of dirt and fine gravel. Example: Digging conditions in which General Duty tip life exceeds 800 hours. Typically larger General Duty Buckets are the most popular sizes, and are used by site developers to mass excavate in low abrasion applications. Lighter structures decrease load time and increase the weight that can be lifted. Standard size adapters and tips. 

Standard bucket is the popular type in the middle and mini excavator, it adapts standard plate thickness and there isn’t any obvious processing technique. The characteristic: bucket capacity is big, the bucket mouth area is large and has a big stacking surface, so it has a high filling coefficient, saving operation time and high efficiency. This bucket suitable for light working environment, such as excavation of clay and loading of sand, soil and gravel. The disadvantage is plate thickness is small,lack of reinforcing plate, so the service time is short. 

We offer a full range of buckets for machines from 0.01cbm to 12cbm in bucket capacity for a large variety of applications. The applications include light and general construction, road and rail construction as well as quarrying and mining industries.We manufacture all brand buckets by high-quality steel. We can offer attachments for almost all brands excavator.
Besides standard buckets, Rocky buckets and Heavy duty buckets, we also offer special purpose buckets, such as Tilting buckets, Hydraulic thumb buckets, Skeleton buckets, Cleaning buckets, Grab buckets, rake, shovel bucket, ripper, ripper bucket, loader buckets and other attachments for your excavator.Packaging & DeliverySelling Units:Single itemSingle package size: 20X20X20 cmSingle gross weight:60.000 kg

Package Type:
International standard pallet or wood case. 

1. one 20GP can load about 12-14 pieces 1.0m3 or 1.2m3 buckets for 20ton excavator(Width less than 42 inches ) 
2. one 40HC can load about 26-28 pieces 1.0m3 or 1.2m3 buckets for 20ton excavator; 
3. one 20GP can load about 8 pieces 1.6m3 buckets for 30ton excavator; 
4. one 40HC can load about 16 pieces 1.6m3 buckets for 30ton excavator.

Lead Time :

Quantity(Pieces)1 - 23 - 1011 - 20>20
Est. Time(days)153549To be negotiated

Products details:

Working Environment:

For normal digging and loading activities of clay, sand or other loose material with little or no debris or large rock, optimal shape guarantees excellent digging properties and large capacity.

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