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Vibration motor is mostly installed in the working environment is bad, dust place, the motor itself and no fan heat dissipation, all by natural cooling, in use in addition to the same as ordinary motor maintenance, and pay attention to the maintenance of the content.

I. Maintenance matters in operation:

(I) Inspection contents:

  1. Check the surface hygiene of the motor frequently
  2. Clean up in time when dust affects heat dissipation
  3. Check whether the anchor bolts of the motor are loose
  4. When loose, tighten to the required torque with torque wrench
  5. Check whether the vibration is abnormal

(2) Treatment method:

1.Stop the machine when the vibration is abnormal, open the eccentric block shield for inspection and treatment.

2, eccentric block shield seal is strict

3, when the seal is not strict, stop processing

4, whether the motor outlet cable is worn

5, if wear, stop processing

6.Whether the bearing is short of oil

7, in operation with butter gun oil every 2 months, repair once a year

8.Whether the motor current is normal

9, abnormal shutdown inspection processing

Two, maintenance matters:

• The outlet cable of the vibration motor is subjected to vibration, so the cable with large elasticity should be selected as the motor lead. Generally, the motor lead is easy to be broken or worn out at the root of the motor.

• the bearing of the vibration motor should be selected as heavy bearing, which can bear a certain axial load. Regardless of the installation direction, the bearing life is not affected by the axial load.

• When disassembling the bearing, the position of the eccentric block and the hundred percent of the excitation force should be recorded. After replacing the bearing, check the rotating shaft of the motor should have a certain axial series movement.

• The shield of the eccentric block should be sealed well to prevent dust from entering the interior and affecting the operation of the motor.

In short, to equipment has certain destructive vibration motor, vibration motor is also vulnerable equipment at the same time, the use of incorrect motor itself not only shorten the life, to drag the machinery and equipment also caused great damage, so when using vibration motor must be in strict accordance with the instructions on the use of the vibration motor, increase the inspection frequency and strength, find potential accidents after timely treatment, You can't keep running while sick. Reasonable use, diligent and serious inspection can better play the role of vibration motor, in order to prolong the service life of vibration motor.

• often check the generator belt tightness, if too loose will lead to belt slip, or even the generator does not turn, too tight will accelerate the bearing wear on the generator, fan and pump.

• check whether the generator bearing is short of oil or poor lubrication, if poor lubrication will lead to wear between bearings, resulting in overheating of the generator, voltage, current instability.

• keep the generator appearance clean, no dirt and dirt deposition, if there is will affect the heat dissipation, increase the generator burning rate.

• Check the fastening condition of the fasteners related to the generator. If the fasteners are loose or fall off, they may lead to unstable voltage and current, and even cause damage to electronic components such as instruments.

The excavator is difficult to start

Judgment: generator built-in regulator fault.

Troubleshooting method: multimeter can be used to check the battery voltage, respectively check the moment when the excavator starts, the voltage after starting and the engine does not stop running, such as the voltage after starting and working for a period of time is always the same value, indicating that the generator has been charging the battery.

Note: Charging the battery for a long time will cause damage to the battery, lack of electrolyte and insufficient power, resulting in difficulty in starting the machine.

Solution: Replace generator and battery. If the generator is not working, emergency start can be started by short connecting the wires at both ends of the generator with a wrench.

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