Excavator Motor

• start the motor each start time should not be too long. Generally, the best time is around 10 seconds. The interval between two starts of the starter motor should be about 1 minute, preferably longer than 1 minute. If it fails to start for three consecutive times, the engine, battery, electrical routes and wiring points should be checked.

• For the starting motor without overcurrent protection device, if it cannot be started for three consecutive times, the starting motor should stop working, because the starting current is too large, and too much current will lead to overheating of the starting motor. If the motor continues to be forced to start, the motor is likely to burn.

• After replacing the starting motor, attention should be paid to the contact points of positive and negative lines. It is best to polish the contact point and install firmly, otherwise it will lead to the engine hot car does not start.

Through the above content to understand that the starting motor is an important part of the diesel engine starting. If the starter motor fails, the most direct problem is that the diesel engine can't start, that is, the excavator can't start, so ensure the stability of the starter motor, that is, ensure the normal start of the excavator.

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