With the continuous development trend of the construction industry, many office buildings, business reception and exhibition centers are newly established, and there are also many road infrastructure constructions, including railway construction, highway construction, etc. Everyone will see that the excavator plays a key role, and the excavator bucket is a key component. So, what are the common problems with the excavator bucket?

First of all, before starting the development of excavator buckets, you should take all the buckets back to the long pole. You can also plug the fixed plugs of the service platform and the window frame. You should also pay attention to the power plugs that connect all the power circuits. Check the switching power supply. When developing, you must keep your eyes open, and be sure to observe the natural environment around you, especially to avoid contact with wires or other equipment.

When the road surface is more difficult, especially the extreme temperature, especially in the case of muddy, snowy, soft ground, for the excavator, you must pay attention to the use of the excavator.

The rear axle is additionally driven. Especially in the case of extreme weather with low visibility, you should generally pay attention to stop the operation when you are within ten meters.

There are still many common problems with Xuzhou excavator buckets, and there are many items that we should pay attention to. The first is to be careful not to carry passengers or trucks in the bucket. That

It is very unsafe to do this. Secondly, there must be no staff stranded within the range of the entire bucket turning radius. Also, when you are working, you must pay attention to avoid working under the high-voltage transmission line.

In the case of all excavators working, you must pay attention to supporting the feet firmly, and then there are also cases where two excavators are working together separately, you must maintain a relatively high level.

For a safe distance, avoid the telescopic arms colliding with each other.